Hope Is For Presidents, And Dreams Are For People Who Are Sleeping

by Predicting Earthquakes

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This album was written and recorded (with the exception of two songs being written prior to the session periods) in the span of 3 days in my bedroom using only slightly better equipment than my last release


released July 9, 2014

Thanks to Abigail Allen for the cover once again

Alaska Antestenis - Guitar, Vox, Piano, Tambourine, Ukulele, Kazoo, Bongos, Clapping Noises



all rights reserved


Predicting Earthquakes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Noisey, Experimental Folk-Punk From Pittsburgh, PA

Alaska - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica

Chandler - Bass/Vocals

Eva - Ukulele/Vocals

Jay - Drums/Keyboard
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Track Name: Make Me Wanna Die
I'm feeling lonely in a sold out room again.
I lost my friends I guess I'll see them at my tomb.
My brain is evil 'cause it always seems to strangle me with inconvenient, dusty memories

Oh, sweet society, show me how to die and convince me in my heart of hearts that I'm already alive
Oh, sweet apathy, make me wanna die because I couldn't give a shit about the reasons I should try

I see the headlines and I know I shouldn't trust it, but the marketing is working on me.
I know eventually I'm gonna kick the bucket, so what's the point in being angry?

I don't know
Track Name: God Bless America
God Bless America.
He's given us our livin', but there's a few things that I have to mention.
We can't seem to separate law and religion and if the kids are free, then they're worshiping Satan.
Forcing your own bullshit interpretation, ignoring that not everyone is a Christian

God Bless America: The land of the free, genocide, depression, and slavery.
There's social fucking issues from sea to shining sea and when they're addressed, we agreed to disagree.
They say they're being fixed all over the TV, but it seems like complacency to me

God Bless America.
I won't turn my head to see that you're making a profit off the dead.
I wish I could sleep in peace in my bed.
Instead, I'm dreaming of nuclear warheads.
I'm a terrorist now, because of what I just said.
As long as we're keeping the governor fed.

God Bless America
Track Name: Superman Isn't Coming
Superman Isn't coming for a while.
For now, we'll just have to make due.
We can all be supermen.
All we need is super rivals.
We've got plenty wouldn't you say?

Track Name: Passive Manipulation
Women, listen to your mothers
Don't just succumb to the wishes of your brothers
Take a step back, take a look at one another
You need to know the difference...
Between a father and a lover
Track Name: White Devil
I'm just a straight white man on planet Earth.
Never lived in a closet, never given birth.
I've never been asked if my love is authentic.
I've never been told that I'm too not ethnic.

White Devil

I've got the privileges of every straight white man.
The cops don't pull me over, just because they can.
I'm not assaulted on conservative TV as if there's nothing wrong with me.

White Devil

I'm the kind of person who killed the Indians
I'm the kind of person who enslaved Africans
I'm the kind of person who told women they're just belles
I'm the kind of person who told the gays they're going to hell

White Devil
Track Name: Lazy Middle Class Intellectual
This isn't what I asked for when I signed up for existence.
I always feel like I don't try enough and the thought that I am rotten is ever so persistent.
Most times I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

All I do is lay and masturbate to my own fantasies that one day I might finally find love.
I think my life is hard, but there are starving kids and Africa, and I'm worried that I might not have enough.

I never shut my mouth about the pointless things I'm thinking and I vibrate my way through every night.
I'm anal about my hair, but not about my living quarters and all the while life's passing me by

I forget to brush my teeth for important social gatherings and I'm too afraid to try anything new.
I stand around and try to think my way out of though because I don't have much better to do.
Track Name: The End of the World Part 2: Judgement Day
The dreamers are calling to end all the follies of men whom they won't understand
The fathers and soldiers are dead for the newlyweds, the powers are waving their hands.
We've used all resources to print off the currencies, the only thing we comprehend
I'm just a voice I'm ignored like the others, a single grey rock in the sand

Don't blame me
I sat by and did what was told
Don't blame me
For nuclear winters surprisingly cold

I held my head high to avoid the appalling stench, and ignore all those below me
My brain filled with sorrows and paranoid lullabies, I drained it when it got too deep
The missiles and warheads were ready for judgement day, as I stared and watched mindlessly
If I become uncomfortable confronted with reality, I can simply turn off the screen

I am a dreamer, but I can't believe her, when she says that I'm going to die.
We are the power and we have control, until we let it out of our sight
We will be fathers while were in the battlefield, for kinship we must stay alive
I'm just a voice, I'm ignored like the others, but I'll try to put up a fight
Track Name: I Saw the Silhouettes
I saw the silhouettes smoking their cigarettes
The sign said "no vacancy"
But that raised the question, is this our depression
Or are we finally free?
I saw the silhouettes climbing in cabinets
And protesting it in their hearts
I asked "would this finally end all the tyranny
Or is this a brand new start?"
I saw the silhouettes string up their marionettes
I can't get it straight in my skull
One single blade of grass raised up his water glass
And realized it's not really full
I saw the silhouettes staging their accidents
They boasted their ignorance
A leaf on the wind, and they couldn't begin
To describe how it made any sense
I saw the silhouettes ready their battlements
And dare to keep preaching peace
And I couldn't see the point of popping out all of our joints
If we could move them with ease
I saw the silhouettes smoking their cigarettes
The sign said "no vacancy"
But that raised the question, is this our depression
Or are we finally free?
...Or are we finally free?